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Corporate Podcasting

Corporate Podcasting

Thinking about a new corporate podcast?

Whether you’re considering creating an external podcast for marketing purposes or an internal podcast for communicating with and teaching your employees and stakeholders, we want to help your organization tap into this growing information medium.

In this world of on-demand information technology, taking advantage of opportunities to engage consumers and internal stakeholders in innovative ways can set you apart from the competition.

Through the creation and implementation of an external and/or internal podcast your organization could potentially:

· Reach a significantly larger number of clients (both existing and potential) locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally.

· Serve as an “audio newsletter” to keep clients up-to-date on current initiatives.

· Increase brand awareness and improve SEO.

· Provide an innovative way to educate and train employees.

· Create curated audio content that can reinforce internal learning procedures.

· Engage stakeholders via an information medium that is easy to access.

· Nurture a special sense of community.

If you’d like more information about having PodcastSnap create a custom package specific to your organization, just fill out the form below and we’ll schedule your free consultation!

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